What Is Going on with the Post Office?

August 21, 2020
Weekly Columns

If you turn on the news, you’ll likely hear someone talking about the Post Office. Let’s look at the facts. Speaker Pelosi allowed negotiations on another COVID-19 relief bill to stall in Congress, but she called a so-called “emergency session” of Congress to vote on legislation to fund the Post Office. This is nothing more than a political attempt to capitalize on fears that the USPS is somehow in crisis.

The Post Office is currently funded until August 2021 and received an additional $10 billion in funding from the CARES Act. It’s not going anywhere, and is essential to rural areas like Arkansas. The Post Office delivers 471 million pieces of mail every day. About 158 million people are registered to vote, and many will still likely vote in person. When you look at the numbers, it’s clear the Post Office is equipped to handle a substantial increase in absentee ballots during the 2020 election, and then some. What we should be doing is reforming the Post Office to make it better and more efficient, and the Postmaster General is already taking steps to accomplish that goal.

The narrative Democrats have crafted regarding the Post Office is false. Your right to vote by mail is not at risk. I am extremely disappointed in Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats for creating a sense of urgency for a problem that doesn’t exist, while simultaneously refusing to address COVID-19, leaving millions of Americans wondering how we will continue to move forward. Even in an election year, our priority should be serving the American people, not crafting misleading political narratives that do nothing but stir up uncertainty.