Weekly Columns

June 11, 2021 Weekly Columns

Those with a life-threatening illness or condition know that time is of the essence. This week, I reintroduced a bipartisan bill to cut red tape so patients with terminal conditions may quickly access lifesaving treatments with positive clinical data.

June 4, 2021 Weekly Columns

In his 1967 Inaugural Address, then California Governor Ronald Reagan spoke about his vision for democracy. “Perhaps you and I have lived with this miracle too long to be properly appreciative. Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.

May 28, 2021 Weekly Columns

This year’s Memorial Day will be special for many Americans as our nation begins to return to normal, with many joining in-person gatherings with family and friends for the first time in over a year. As we celebrate the holiday weekend with cookouts, sunshine, and good food, let’s take a moment to count our many blessings because of the sacrifices of others.

May 21, 2021 Weekly Columns

For months we waited with bated breath as Operation Warp Speed spurred vaccine development and began distribution at a record pace. Now, with the vast majority of Congress members and staff fully vaccinated, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi still refuses to end the harmful practices of proxy voting and remote committee hearings and remains defiant on masks on the House floor.

May 14, 2021 Weekly Columns

When did it become a polarizing, political statement to say that one “backs the blue?” Tragedy has caused our culture to spiral into an intense anti-police mindset that has demoralized and dehumanized our good and honorable men and women in uniform.

May 7, 2021 Weekly Columns

If you have yet to hear the story of Sara Kruzan, this is your sign to look her up. Sara has a harrowing story with a bittersweet ending. She was groomed by her abuser to be trafficked at the tender age of 11. Forced to live a life of prostitution until she was 16-years-old, Sara killed her trafficker to escape her abuse. She was then sentenced as an adult to life in prison without parole. 

April 30, 2021 Weekly Columns

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress this week, not only because I have a deep respect for the institutions of Congress and the Presidency, but also because every President deserves to make his case to Congress and the nation. 

April 23, 2021 Weekly Columns

Conservation is inherently conservative. While the Left has radicalized the narrative on environmental issues, I’m here to set the record straight.  A strong economy and a clean environment go hand in hand. I was proud to re-introduce my bill, the Trillion Trees Act this week as a part of House Republicans’ energy innovation agenda.

April 16, 2021 Weekly Columns

For every bad idea put forth in the House of Representatives by the Democrat majority, it seems another, even more radical piece of legislation follows right behind it.

April 9, 2021 Weekly Columns

About a month ago, I took to social media to ask the people of Arkansas’ Fourth District to nominate their fellow residents who have gone above and beyond to selflessly serve others in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.