We must not abandon Afghanistan

August 20, 2021
Weekly Columns

The world has watched in horror as Afghanistan crumbled to the Taliban and thousands of desperate people attempt to flee their brutal regime. The Taliban swept through the Afghan army with little resistance and set up shop in the Presidential Palace, surrounded by the weapons and equipment provided by the U.S. 

President Biden’s recent claim in an interview with ABC on Afghanistan that nothing else could have been done and that this chaos was inevitable is simply false. Numerous military and policy experts advised against a rushed withdrawal, but President Biden held to his self-imposed deadline. Recent reports have indicated that the Secretary of State was warned in July about the tenuous security situation and that this type of chaos could ensue; but those warnings went unheeded. Democrats and Republicans have generally agreed that U.S. combat troops must eventually leave Afghanistan, but the sad truth now is that both parties agree President Biden’s “plans” were simply incompetent.

As Americans and American allies are trapped in their homes, blocked by the Taliban from getting to the airport, and in fear of losing their lives, it is crystal clear that President Biden must resist doubling-down on his previously stated goal of removing all U.S. military presence from the country by August 31st. We must not leave until we have extracted every American and Afghan-national ally. 

Anyone with knowledge of any American citizens or Afghan-national allies in need of assistance should contact my Washington, D.C. office immediately at (202) 225-3772. We will help however we can by connecting them with the State Department to assist in their safe evacuation.