The True Cost of the Keystone Pipeline Cancellation

March 19, 2021
Weekly Columns

This week, I had the honor of hosting a group of Keystone XL Pipeline, agriculture, steel, energy, and construction workers to discuss the true cost of President Biden’s energy policies. Recently, President Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline permit and oil and gas leasing on federal lands, which put thousands of people instantly out of work and deprived our economy of a major investment--  all with the stroke of a pen. These men and women shared their stories on how the cancellation has affected them and their families personally, and their industries financially. I encourage anyone hesitant about the Keystone XL Pipeline to listen to these workers’ experiences and understand that such a short-sighted policy change is unproductive and unsustainable.

The need for oil and natural gas did not disappear overnight after President Biden signed away the pipeline. Oil will still be brought into the country, but through more environmentally destructive methods and from foreign countries with subpar environmental standards.  By shutting down supply from a trusted friend and neighbor – Canada -- we will be forced to take our energy demand overseas to countries, where we have no control over environmental standards.

In the middle of a pandemic, President Biden destroyed 10,000 union construction jobs and wages that would have exceeded $2.2 billion. It saddens me when politicians fail to realize that decisions made at a desk in Washington, D.C. have life-changing impacts on people across the nation. I am grateful to the men and women who continue to speak truth to power on how poor political decisions have lasting consequences for our families, friends, and neighbors. I will continue to fight in Congress for the needs of workers and push back against punitive, unsustainable energy policies.