Personal Liberty is the American Way

September 10, 2021
Weekly Columns

President Biden announced drastic new COVID-19 restrictions last week that will affect 100 million Americans. According to his Executive Order, he has directed the Department of Labor to issue a regulation that would require all businesses with over 100 employees to mandate employee vaccinations or provide weekly proof of a negative test result. 

One must admit, the timing of this vaccine crackdown is suspicious. The FDA fully approved the COVID-19 vaccine weeks ago, but only now, after his Administration is mired in criticism, does he issue such a divisive edict that, as President Biden said himself, “has nothing to do with freedom.”

President Biden has shown his hand, revealing a desperate attempt to divert attention from his Administration’s failures in Afghanistan, the southern border, rising crime, and skyrocketing inflation. This rule will not help ease vaccine hesitancy, but further divide Americans against one another and fuel distrust of the government. While I have been vaccinated and I believe that it is safe, I fully support the ability to choose what is best for each person.

There is a laundry list of pressing issues that President Biden and Democrat leadership in D.C. should be much more concerned with than imposing more mandates on private enterprise. Republicans have advocated for addressing these issues, but have been totally ignored. For example, there are still an unknown number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan. Instead of voting on a bill that would require President Biden to rescue these citizens as Republicans requested, we were called back to DC by Speaker Pelosi to vote on a $3.5 trillion spending bill that will only further inflation and raise taxes. Instead of investigating the decisions that led to this catastrophe, the President would rather tell business owners how to run their workplaces--something they all know how to do without the government’s “assistance.”  


Once published, this regulation will face lawsuits challenging its constitutionality, and while time will tell the outcome. I remain firmly opposed to such an egregious government overreach into the lives and livelihoods of Americans.