Kicking off Hunting Season

November 1, 2019
Weekly Columns

The weather is finally getting colder, just in time to kick off hunting season in Arkansas. If you’ve ever been to my office in D.C., you’ll immediately see how much I love hunting. I have pictures from some of my favorite duck hunts hanging on the wall, and just this week I was comparing notes with a visitor on the best places to duck hunt in Arkansas.

I know many of you will be heading out when modern gun season begins on November 9, so I wanted to take this time to remind you to always use gun safety and proper situational awareness when hunting, especially with children. A safe situation can change on a moment’s notice, so be prepared and exercise caution.

This is also a great time of year to be reminded of how blessed we are to have so many incredible outdoor recreation opportunities in the Natural State. My favorite place to hunt will always be where I grew up. For as long as I can remember, hunting has been a family experience, and I’m glad I got to take my children hunting in some of the same places my dad took me. The outdoor diversity we often take for granted is truly remarkable. From duck blinds to deer stands, the Fourth District has it all.

Since Congress is in recess this week, I’m looking forward to being outdoors with many of you and kicking off the hunting season over the weekend. Here’s to a safe, successful season!