It's Time for Republican Led Environmental Policy

June 25, 2021
Weekly Columns

For too long, those on the Left have pushed the false narrative that only they care about our environment, attempting to dominate the environmental policy conversation. This could not be further from the truth. Conservation is a core tenant of Conservatism. Republican President Teddy Roosevelt, widely considered the father of conservation, established the National Park System. Republican President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency. Republican President Donald Trump strongly supported the Great American Outdoors Act, the most consequential pro-environment law we’ve seen in years. I and 100 of my Republican colleagues recently introduced the Trillion Trees Act, which would have the most beneficial economic and environmental effects of any bill in Congress today.  All Americans benefit from a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment and as conservatives, we believe that doesn’t have to jeopardize economic growth.

It is time for Republicans to reclaim our leadership in the conversation. That’s why I recently joined the Conservative Climate Caucus, an all-Republican group led by my friend and colleague Rep. John Curtis. The Caucus is dedicated to finding natural solutions to protect our planet that also benefit our economy and demonstrate the importance of environmental legislation to fellow Republicans, especially farmers, ranchers, and forest owners in rural America.

We also understand that in order to remain competitive in the world, the United States must be focused on reducing emissions and bolstering economic incentives.  We cannot simply cut off energy choices at home while polluters in China and other developing nations flood world markets with low-priced goods made by lower-priced energy.

America needs common sense, conservative leadership on environmental policy and I am confident the Conservative Climate Caucus will change the conversation for the better.