Connecting with Arkansans: I Want to Hear from You

November 29, 2019
Weekly Columns

In his book, Love Your Enemies, author Arthur Brooks cites a study showing that 70 percent of Americans believe the U.S. will endure long-term hurt if both political parties don’t work together. More than 60 percent of Americans believe the current political climate has reached the lowest point they can remember, which, as the American Psychological Association notes, “[spans] every generation, including those who lived through World War II and Vietnam, the Cuban missile crisis, and the September 11 terrorist attacks.” With the 2020 election around the corner, partisan divides are likely to deepen even further.

This shouldn’t be the case. I believe that all political leaders – no matter their background, party, or individual beliefs – can and should put differences behind them to unite in service to the American people. A big part of that leadership involves hearing from the constituents we represent, and it’s why meeting with Arkansans will always be a top priority. Whether you’re visiting D.C. on vacation, calling my office with a question or concern, or attending a telephone town hall or Coffee with Your Congressman, know that receiving your input is the most important part of my job.

If you are having issues with a federal agency or just want to voice your thoughts, give my office a call anytime at (202) 225-3772. We can do better than spending our time arguing with each other behind anonymous Twitter profiles or Facebook comments. It’s only by talking with each other, acknowledging our differences, and looking to the future that we can see there is more that unites us than divides us.