Celebrating National Great Outdoors Month

June 12, 2020
Weekly Columns

Some people say we’re products of our environment. I only hope that’s true for me. I’ve been blessed to spend my whole life here in the Natural State, hunting, fishing and enjoying the beauty of our wildlife. Since June is National Great Outdoors Month, I encourage you to use this time to explore new parks, lakes or hiking trails with friends and family.

During my whole time in Congress, I’ve been a member of the Natural Resources Committee, because I believe conservatives have a responsibility to both enjoy the riches of the earth and leave it in a better condition than we found it. Outdoor recreation plays a huge role in this mission.

Being outdoors brings a variety of positive health benefits, both physically and mentally, especially now that many Americans have been staying indoors due to COVID-19. Organizations like the National Park Service, the American Hiking Society, the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, the National Wildlife Federation and many others have put together educational resources on their websites for those hoping to learn more about the nature around them.

Whether you’re visiting a favorite spot or finding someplace new, I hope you find time to be outside this month. Let’s enjoy the beauty of our state!