Bringing Our Offices to You

February 21, 2020
Weekly Columns

Since our congressional district is so large, diverse and rural, it’s often difficult for every resident to have easy access to the assistance that my district offices provide. Voicing concerns, getting help with a casework file, requesting a meeting or locating other constituent services aren’t always available in your local community.

That’s why we’re bringing our offices to you! From March 3 to March 12, my staff will be traveling to every county in the Fourth District and hosting mobile offices. These pop-up offices come directly to your local community so we can hear and help with any concerns you have. No issue is insignificant, so please bring problems or issues you’re having with the federal government and my staff will do their best to help.

Anything from a veterans affairs concern, to a problem with the IRS, to social security to any other problem is fair game, and we can help ensure you have the best and most up-to-date information. To find out more about when a mobile office will be in your area, feel free to call my Hot Springs office at (501) 609-9796 or visit my website at