Biden Must Not Ignore the Southern Border

August 6, 2021
Weekly Columns

News on the worsening situation on our southern border continues to break this week. McAllen, Texas, the small town I just recently visited, has declared a local disaster as it struggles to manage the sheer number of COVID-positive migrants flooding into downtown McAllen, where the migrant shelter is 500% overcapacity. Officials report that in just one week, 1,500 COVID-19 positive migrants were released into the community. In the same week, another 7,000 migrants who tested negative for COVID-19 were given plane tickets or bus tickets to wherever they desired to go in the country. 

President Biden’s administration has done nothing to help relieve our overwhelmed border agents. Ignoring the crisis at the border will not make it go away.

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to spread, President Biden seems content to use whatever means necessary to combat the virus, except stem the flood of COVID-19 positive cases coming over the border. President Biden is expected to announce a vaccine requirement for all foreign travelers coming to the U.S. He is also expected to require all active military personnel to take the vaccine and he announced recently that all federal workers will be required to show proof of vaccination or submit to regular testing. It is completely hypocritical to limit the health freedoms of American citizens while allowing COVID-positive migrants to walk freely into border towns 

We need a robust response to the crisis on the southern border, not only to combat the virus, but also to confront the cartels who funnel drugs through the border and commit horrible crimes against migrants. I have always supported a barrier along our southern border to direct migrants to certain access points. I also recently signed a discharge petition for a bill in the House that would reinstate President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy to require migrants to stay in Mexico until they can be processed.  I call on President Biden to step up and take responsibility for the policies that created this emergency. This crisis cannot be ignored any longer.