Westerman Votes for Budget Reconciliation

October 23, 2015
Press Release


WASHINGTON – Congressman Bruce Westerman issued the following statement Friday (October 23) after voting for Budget Reconciliation:

“The Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act repeals the employer and individual mandates in Obamacare. This bill puts Americans in charge of their healthcare, instead of Washington bureaucrats,” Westerman said. “It is my hope that President Obama listens to the American people and their representatives in Congress. This bill reflects their values – individual control over healthcare and fiscally-sound budgeting that will reduce deficit spending over the next decade.”

According to the Congressional Budget Office, H.R. 3762 would “decrease deficits by about $130 billion over the 2016-2025 period.” The bill repeals the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that individuals obtain health insurance. It also repeals mandates that employers with 50 or more staff offer coverage.

Other provisions of H.R. 3762 include (quoted from the Congressional Budget Office):

  • A repeal of the medical device tax;
  • Repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund, rescinding any unobligated balances in the fund; and
  • Prohibit federal funding of certain organizations which provide abortion services.