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Westerman Votes Against Iran Nuclear Deal

September 11, 2015
Press Release


WASHINGTON – Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-Hot Springs) issued the following statement following his vote Friday (September 11) against the Iran Nuclear Agreement:

“The Obama Administration’s Iran Deal is a bad deal for the American people, putting our safety and security at risk. It is also a bad deal for our allies,” Westerman said. “Israel, one of our closest allies, is under direct threat from a nation whose stated goal is destruction of the Jewish state. In fact, the Ayatollah just reiterated his stance, stating, ‘Israel will not exist in the next 25 years.’ The administration’s implementation of the deal, aided by a small minority of Congressional Democrats, would put the Iranian regime one step closer to their stated goal. My recent visit to Israel, coupled with additional briefings, has confirmed my opposition to this deal that includes secret agreements that Congress is not privy to see. How can anyone support such a major agreement when Congress nor the administration know what is in the agreement? I will continue to stand in direct opposition to our president’s bargain with the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.”

Westerman spoke on the House floor Thursday night in opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal. His full speech may be found here.

YouTube: Congressman Bruce Westerman Explains His Opposition to Iran Nuclear Deal
YouTube: Congressman Bruce Westerman Speaks Against Iran Nuclear Deal