Westerman says Netanyahu speech "brings clarity to the issue of a nuclear Iran"

March 3, 2015
Press Release


WASHINGTON – Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-Hot Springs) issued the following statement following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday (March 3):

“Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress highlighted the strong bond between Israel and the United States. And his speech brings clarity to the issue of a nuclear Iran, a nation which has long sought nuclear capabilities and at the same time has been a known sponsor, both fiscally and through its military, of terrorism around the world. I believe it is time that the U.S. stop dithering on its support of Israel and stand firm with our strongest Middle Eastern ally. I appreciate the Prime Minister bringing his unique perspective to the United States Congress. I believe we should heed his warning and I will do everything in my power to prevent a nuclear Iran. And as Moses said and the Prime Minister reminded us, it is time for our nations to ‘be strong and resolute. Neither fear nor dread them.’”