Westerman Condemns Paris Terror Attacks

November 16, 2015
Press Release


WASHINGTON -- Congressman Bruce Westerman (Ar-04) issued the following statement condemning the Paris terror attacks, which left hundreds dead and injured Friday (Nov. 13):

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris as they deal with this tragedy that has left 129 men and women dead and hundreds more injured. These attacks were committed by a group of radical Muslims in an attempt to spread their brand of cowardice and misery. These attempts to rob the French, Americans, and other democracies of their freedoms will only strengthen resolve against the terrorists' misguided and warped view of the world. I am sickened by not only these attacks, but also by President Barack Obama’s weak response. Just hours before the French capital came under attack, he absurdly claimed Daesh had been ‘contained.’ And then hours afterwards, the president released detainees from Guantanamo Bay. These are radicalized Muslims who history has shown are likely to end up back on the battlefield, killing innocent men, women, and children. America must show strength and stand with our French allies. We must stop the flow of radicalized Syrian refugees to America. We must put the safety of America and our allies above all else.”