Congressman Bruce Westerman Co-Sponsors Bills to Protect Military Service Members

July 24, 2015
Press Release


WASHINGTON -- Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-Hot Springs) issued the following statement Friday following his co-sponsorship this week of two bills that would allow military service members to be armed on military sites and installations:

“Last week, a gunman opened fire at a U.S. military recruiting center in Tennessee, killing four marines and a sailor. A similar event occurred in 2009 when a gunman opened fire at a recruiting center in Little Rock, killing one and injuring another," Westerman said. "Our servicemen and women are well-trained for battle,  yet they are unarmed, and unable to protect themselves at home. As a result, I am co-sponsoring legislation to allow servicemen and women to arm themselves at military sites and bases. These bills are designed to prevent future tragedies because our military shouldn’t have to be at greater risk at home than abroad.”

The bills co-sponsored by Westerman are H.R. 3115 - which would repeal the ban on military members carrying weapons on military bases and sites - and H.R. 3139. The latter is aimed at enhancing security at military recruiting centers.