U.S. House members honor Hammerschmidt with remarks, moment of silence

April 28, 2015
In The News

The four members of Arkansas’ delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives took to the House floor for more than eight minutes Tuesday evening to honor the memory of former U.S. Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt,who died April 1. He was 92.

A video of the remarks can be found in this post.

Hammerschmidt, the long-time and popular Congressman of Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District and one of only two Republicans to defeat Bill Clinton in an election, has died. He was 92. Hammerschmidt, a Republican from Harrison, defeated Democrat and popular U.S. Rep. Jim Trimble in 1966 to capture the seat. He held the District until retiring in January 1993, having worked with six U.S. Presidents. For most of his years in Congress, Hammerschmidt was the only Republican in the Arkansas Congressional Delegation.

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