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EF2 tornado rips mobile home, kills 2

May 12, 2015
In The News

NASHVILLE -- An unstable storm system that brewed over the weekend with warm, moist air spawned at least one tornado that killed two people in southwest Arkansas on Sunday evening and dumped up to 8 inches of rain over much of the state, washing out roads and flooding creeks and rivers.

Michael Mooneyhan, 29, and his wife, Melissa Mooneyhan, 28, were killed about 11:30 p.m. when the twister struck their mobile home in Nashville, but their 1-year-old daughter survived. Six others were injured in the storm.

The couple's vehicles sat Monday at the end of West Sypert Street in front of the concrete steps where the home once stood, while volunteers and family members sifted through piles of debris. Shredded insulation, splintered wood, waterlogged photographs and muddied toys served as the only reminder of the four homes that once made up the small neighborhood.

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