Arkansas Congressional Roundup On Iran Nuclear Deal

July 14, 2015
In The News

The nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers announced on Tuesday has been met with condemnation from Arkansas’s Congressional delegation. The six Republicans argue nothing less than an entirely nuclear free Iran is acceptable and that the deal won’t keep Iran from acquiring nuclear arms capabilities. 

Under the deal Iran will reduce stockpiles of fuels that could be weaponized, cut its number of centrifuges, and subject its facilities and nuclear related commerce to international inspections. Iran could continue to utilize nuclear technology to generate energy and billions of dollars in sanctions tied to the nuclear program would be lifted.

Congress has 60 days to review the deal and Arkansas’s members have promised to push back against lifting sanctions as part of a Congressional review. President Barack Obama has pledged to veto any attempts to pass new sanctions or derail the agreement struck between Iran and the five members of the United Nations Security Council (United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China) plus Germany. A group referred to as P5+1.

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