Bipartisanship Can't Be One-sided

September 17, 2021
Weekly Columns

This week, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee debated its small portion of the highly partisan $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. The nearly $60 billion bill that we spent 15 hours debating is filled with unnecessary spending on liberal wish-list items that were too far left to make it into the bipartisan infrastructure package negotiated by the Senate and the White House. 

Committee Republicans introduced amendments to ensure that our tax dollars are not used to support defunding the police, to increase inflation, to waste billions on a failed high speed rail project in California, or to purchase minerals from any country that uses forced labor or child labor, to name a few.

I introduced an amendment to prevent the Federal Government from buying oil from OPEC+ countries until every domestic energy option in the United States has been exhausted. I do not understand why we would fund jobs overseas, sending our hard-earned money to Russia, Iran, and Venezuela when we could employ thousands of Americans in well-paying, stable jobs domestically. I’m saddened that all these amendments were unanimously opposed by committee Democrats. When we can’t come together and agree on opposing child labor, forced slave labor, and lining the pockets of our adversaries in Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, it sends a bleak picture to the American people.

There are common sense, economically beneficial ways to empower Americans to uplift themselves and their families. Spending $3.5 trillion on Green New Deal programs and social initiatives by raising taxes on Americans is neither common sense nor beneficial. In fact, it will bolster inflationary pressures and make it harder to get back to work.  

Congress must push past rhetoric and choose the logical solutions that will benefit Americans. It was disappointing that we were unable to find any common ground in this week’s markup, but I will continue that effort and stand up against illogical policies in order to give every American confidence in our great Republic.