Westerman Introduces H.J. Res. 82 to Block BLM’s Onshore Order 4 Rule

February 17, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Bruce Westerman introduced H.J. Res. 82 on Thursday (February 16), a bill that would block the Bureau of Land Management’s Onshore Order 4 Rule.

“The BLM’s latest regulation creates high-priced edict for oil storage and handling on federal lands,” Westerman said. “The latest version of the Onshore Order 4 Rule underestimates the impact on the economy, reduces public input, and will lead to the use of outdated oil measurement technology on federal lands. Additionally, this ill-conceived Obama Administration regulation fails to abide by industry-wide standards. H.J. Res. 82 will repeal this unnecessary rule, and ensure that the thousands of jobs reliant on access to resources on federal lands are not put in jeopardy.”