States Need Flexibility With Medicaid And Workforce Incentives

February 12, 2015

When I announced my candidacy to represent Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District in 2013, I promised to fight to untie the binds placed on our state by the federal government, giving my former colleagues and future members of the General Assembly the opportunity to govern more effectively for the hardworking citizens of Arkansas.

During my first month in office, I have taken up the fight by co-sponsoring and voting for bills that would allow hardworking Arkansans and the businesses that employ them to enjoy greater freedom from the hassles coming from Washington that constrain individuals trying to make a living in the government-controlled society President Obama is trying to create.

The president’s first six years in office have resulted in a top-down federal government that imposes strict policies on companies attempting to provide low-cost energy to heat and cool homes in Arkansas and to power businesses that employ Arkansans and drive our economy, among other things. And his signature Obamacare legislation has actually resulted in scores of Arkansans seeing their family’s health insurance disappear, as well as losing hours at work so employers can keep from being hit by the law’s overreaching mandates and penalties.

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