What The House Is Doing to Kill The Iran Deal

September 10, 2015
Blog Post

The actions being taken by the House of Representatives this week will give your elected officials the opportunity to kill the bad deal between the Obama administration and Iran. But for many of you, the procedures and votes we are taking may be confusing. The votes we will take are listed below, along with an explanation of each one:

  • Thursday Vote to Reset the Clock: President Barack Obama has not given all of the details of this bad deal to Members of Congress, especially as it relates to the secret deals between the United Nations and the Iranian government. This vote would reset the clock for reviewing the Iran Nuclear Deal so all Members of Congress can make an informed decision based on every detail we are entitled to know.
  • Friday Vote Preventing President Obama from Lifting Sanctions: The second of three votes relating to the Iran Nuclear Deal would prevent President Obama from lifting sanctions against Iran. This is necessary to prevent foreign investors from spending money in Iran, and propping up a regime that supports terrorism across the globe. Current sanctions are working but are at risk due to the Obama administration’s desperate attempts to get a deal at any costs. The Obama administration has even admitted that at least some of this influx of post-sanctions cash will go to finance terrorism.
  • Friday Vote on the Iran Nuclear Deal: The third and final vote this week will be an up-or-down vote on the Iran Nuclear Deal. This vote will allow each Member of Congress to go on the record as either being for or against this historically bad deal with Iran.

The series of votes relating to Iran  will allow me to partially illustrate my intense opposition to this deal, which puts the United States and its allies – namely Israel – at risk by threatening our safety and security.