A Vote to Improve Phone Quality

January 24, 2017
Blog Post

Monday (January 23), the House passed a measure that would improve phone service in rural Arkansas and across America.

According to the House Republican conference, H.R. 460, the Improving Rural Phone Call Quality and Reliability Act of 2017, would direct the FCC to establish service quality standards for providers who transmit voice communication.

“Intermediate phone providers choose the least costly route to direct long-distance calls throughout the American telecom infrastructure in order to save money,” the GOP Conference said. “These long distance calls are routed to least-cost routers located throughout the U.S., and then the calls are routed to their final destination. In some instances the calls are never able to connect and when they do connect the quality of the call can be compromised.”

In a press release, Iowa Congressman David Young said, “Our rural communities in Iowa and across America rely on consistent and reliable phone service to run their businesses, to respond to emergencies, to keep in touch with their friends and family, and to simply live their lives.”

Just as this legislation is important for people in rural Iowa, it is important for people across the Fourth Congressional District and the state of Arkansas. That is why I joined Congressman Young and my colleagues in the House yesterday. My vote Monday for H.R. 460 was a vote for rural America.