Secretary Price Is Serious About Work Requirements

August 31, 2017
Blog Post
by Congressman Bruce Westerman

From time to time, individuals find themselves in need of assistance. Whether it be from our families, our houses of worship, or assistance from the federal or state government, many Arkansans have found themselves in need of a hand.

While these programs are intended to provide temporary assistance, TANF has become anything but temporary. During the last administration the requirements that individuals be working or seeking employment to access benefits were severely relaxed thus causing a dependence on government assistance. That is why I was encouraged to see Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price amend the rules for TANF, which would implement work requirements for able-bodied, working age adults participating in the program.

The achievement of gainful employment and economic independence is critically important for the well-being of persons and families. More than just a means of income, work creates opportunities for individual growth, instills personal dignity, and provides low-income families with a clear pathway to financial self-sufficiency. Moving forward, ACF reaffirms its commitment to increasing opportunities for family and individual advancement through work.

As you know, the best way to get individuals off public assistance is a job. This action will further that goal and benefit Americans.