Public Comment on Ouachita Job Corps Closure

March 16, 2016
Blog Post

The Ouachita Job Corps site in Royal, Arkansas, has been slated for closure by the U.S. Department of Labor. This center, providing skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century workforce, is vital to the Fourth Congressional District economy and the individuals in need of job training.

The federal government is taking public comment before finalizing closure of this site. To make your voice heard, please visit the Federal Register website and click the green "Submit a Formal Comment" on the right side of the page. Public comment ends April 8, 2016.

KARK 4 News in Little Rock has more information about the closure:

David Alexander, a student at the center, is trying to build a life for himself. He's getting ready to graduate, having spent the last seven months learning carpentry.

"So I was really disappointed to hear that they were going to close down the center," he said.

The DOL publicly announced the proposal in a Federal Register Notice published here, opening it to public comment. It will close April 8.

Robert Fausti, Director of the Center, plans to make a center-wide announcement Thursday to his 85 students.

"It's disturbing. It hurts," Fausti said. "All the students out here, I look at my own sons and daughters."

The Center, with 50 employees, operates with a $4.8 million budget every year.

"I was homeless for three years and so I needed somewhere to go and I also needed an extra lift," said Shantell Colunga. "This is like a steppingstone."

If you have any questions about the planned closure of the Ouachita Job Corps Center, call my office at (202) 225-3772 or send me an email.