The Process of Choosing a New Speaker

September 29, 2015
Blog Post

A lot has happened here in Washington during the last week. As you know, we will soon be electing a new Speaker of the House and a new leadership team for the Republican Conference. It is important constituents know how this process will unfold.

Selecting a New Leader

According to Republican Conference Rules, the “current Chair of the Republican Conference shall call a meeting to provide each of the announced candidates for Elected Leadership time to make an oral presentation and entertain questions from Members of the Conference. In establishing the time, date, and format of such meeting, the Chair shall consult with all announced candidates for Elected Leadership and a cross-section of Members of the Conference.”

So what does this mean in simple terms? It means each nominee will be able to discuss their platform and goals to all Members of the Republican Conference.

How are these individuals nominated? And how do the elections work?

“(a) Votes by Secret Ballot.—All contested elections shall be decided by secret ballot, and no proxy voting shall be allowed.

“(b) Nominations. — (1) Candidates for office shall be nominated in alphabetical surname order.

(2) For each Leadership nomination there shall be one nominating speech (not to exceed three minutes in length), and there may be two seconding speeches (each not to exceed one minute in length).

“(c) Balloting Procedures.—When there are more than two candidates for any office and none receives a majority of the votes on the first ballot, a quorum being present, the candidate with the lowest number of votes on that and each succeeding ballot will be dropped from the ballot until one candidate receives a majority of the votes, a quorum being present.”

With votes being cast by secret ballot, Members are able to vote their conscience without the pressure of an open vote. It is my belief that the current rules are an effective way to conduct our leadership election and I believe this will result in the best leaders rising from the current crop of Republican House Members.

What I Am Looking for in a Speaker

First and foremost, I am looking for a Speaker of the House who will stand for our constitutional authority granted in Article One of the Constitution that established the people’s House as the first house of a bicameral legislature in our constitutional republic. The Speaker should have eyes with a vision for our future, ears to listen to our conference, hands to work hard, and a heart that loves America. The Speaker needs to lead and needs our prayers and support to lead.

I hope this explains the process and what I am looking for in a leader. Be sure to stay connected, and see what happens in the coming days.

Download: Rules of the House Republican Conference for the 114th Congress (.pdf)