Obama Has Undermined U.S. Relationship With Israel

January 5, 2017
Blog Post
U.S. House of Representatives Condemns U.N. Security Council Vote

The harmful actions taken by the Obama administration throughout his terms in office have undermined one of the cornerstones of United States foreign policy. In fashion true to his nature, President Obama saved his most insulting measure for his coup de grace.

On December 23, 2016, the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) passed Resolution 2334 which censured Israel for continuing to build settlements for its citizens. The United States, under the leadership of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, abstained from the 14-0 vote. They allowed the condemnation of our strongest ally in the Middle East, withholding America’s UNSC veto power to protect Israel. President Obama broke with long-standing U.S. foreign policy, upheld by both Democrat and Republican presidents in the past, by allowing such a measure to pass.

House Resolution 11 was passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday (January 5), a resolution that states the House’s opposition to the U.N. resolution. It further states that we will work to “strengthen the United States-Israel relationship” and calls for a repeal of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334. If peace is to come to the region, the United States must defend her ally and protect it from one-sided actions by the international community. I proudly voted for this measure and will continue to stand by Israel in similar matters in the future.