House Votes to Hold IRS Accountable

April 21, 2016
Blog Post
H.R. 3724, 4890 Would Stop Certain Rehires, Freeze IRS Bonuses

The House voted again Thursday (April 21) to hold the Internal Revenue Service accountable and limit executive overreach.

H.R. 3724, the Ensuring Integrity in the IRS Workforce Act of 2016, would prevent the IRS from rehiring any employee who was fired for wrongdoing. In the private sector, employees would not be rehired after being fired for cause and the IRS should have the same standard.

In addition to preventing the IRS from rehiring previously-fired employees, the House also voted to stop bonuses to IRS employees until the Treasury secretary creates and implements a comprehensive customer service strategy. Bonuses would not be doled out to underperforming employees or companies in the private sector. Bonuses in the private sector are reserved for performing above expectations. The same should be true at the IRS.

The votes taken on a variety of IRS-related legislation this week are all aimed at one thing – accountability. Employees are accountable to their manager. I am accountable to you. The IRS should be accountable, as well.