Getting It Done: A 10-Year Balanced Budget

September 14, 2015
Blog Post

Constituents may be under the impression that Congress is a do-nothing group of individuals. But in the coming weeks, I will highlight the work done by Congress since January. The work is complex and shows a high level of cooperation. It proves that the Republican-led House is getting bills passed and moved to the Senate. In some cases, those bills are passing the Senate, which is a positive change from the past four years.

One of our notable legislative accomplishments was House and Senate passage of H. Con. Res. 27, the House-originated 10-year balanced budget plan. The balanced budget, which serves as a blueprint for government spending, will reduce spending in the federal government by $3.3 trillion in less than 10 years and is the first joint ten-year balanced budget resolution since 2001.

The passage of a balanced budget is no small accomplishment. As a member of the House Committee on the Budget, I know firsthand the amount of work that went into putting the government into the black instead of bleeding red ink. Our work is not done, but this budget is a giant step forward in Congress’ efforts to shrink the size of government and reduce the debt burden growing rapidly on President Obama’s watch.